Ultra Elements Rolling Paper
Ultra Elements Rolling Paper

Ultra Elements Rolling Paper

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Magnetic Closure
Perfect Rolling
Made from extracts of pure rice
Ultra-thin Paper
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Ultra Elements Rolling Paper

A ground-breaking product of the most eco-friendly and unique brand making rolling papers out there. Elements, the famous brand, is back with another batch of all-natural and eco-friendly element papers. The brand always uses un-gummed thin rice papers because they burn with almost zero ash. Pure rice papers are made at. It eliminates the use of chemicals, pulp (trees), and hemp. Since the last decade, we have witnessed various companies jump into the Hemp Paper market. These new brands were only focusing on increasing the sales by investing in marketing and devising flashy names to sell their products, rather than focusing on the paper's quality.

To counter this practice and exhibit our dedication to relive memories of the long-gone days, we decided to start again from the "Elements" of the papers. Hence, we could design a paper made from the extracts of pure rice, pressed it to make it very slow in burning and extremely thin (less than12 gm). Following this, a natural gum from sugar was added to increase efficiency. They are resulting in the creation of probably the best rolling paper ever produced by a company. Zero ash is produced except for a little due left over by the natural sugar gum. The Elements rolling papers are made from pure organic and environment-friendly materials, which, when combusted, do not cause pollution of any kind. Elements Rolling Papers are made up of the extracts of natural organic materials. They burn with approximately zero ash except for the burning of raw sugar gum which turns into caramel as it is burned.

Hence making it the most earth-friendly rolling paper ever created. Every sheet is engraved with our officially registered crisscross watermark. The watermark enables a smooth burn without any distortion. The sheet can be put against the light to witness the trademark and its prints. Elements Rolling Papers are powered by wind. These beautiful, efficient papers are produced in a small region of Spain called Alcoy, which is also regarded as the birthplace of rolling papers. Since the elements rolling papers are designed explicitly for a fire which enables them to burn perfectly with zero ash due produced just a tiny amount due to the burning of gum. The paper is carefully designed to burn entirely without destroying the taste.

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