When you are a smoking beginner or whether you are already experienced with smoking, you probably have heard or read about a term known as ‘roach clip’. This small but a very useful tool can certainly and definitely improve the quality of your smoking thus providing more pleasure from smoking and saving time. In this blog post I will explain what the roach clip is and why it is advantageous. You would be interested to know why it is beneficial to add roach clip to your smoking tools.

What is a Roach Clip?

A roach clip is a small pager used to fit into the end of a joint or blunt so that the remaining paper can be smoked without having to use the fingers. Whereas early designs of roach clips consisted of a basic metal clip, present day designs include those made from different materials and designs. They are particularly valuable once the joint becomes too small to accommodate easily and one does not want to trim out excess material which spoils the enjoyment of the smoke.

The Benefits of Using a Roach Clip

  1. Efficiency: Roach clips let you smoke your joint or blunt to the end, no wasted marijuana left lighting to go. This means you gain the benefits of the product and you are not left with surplus which will end up being useless or of no use to you in future.
  2. Safety: A roach clip poses the risk of burning your fingers or lips and this can be prevented through careful handling. It also minimizes the potential for dropping the roach, which invariably triggers fires or burns.
  3. Convenience: Roach clips eliminate the problem of having to hold the item toward the end of the joint when smoking from it. They help get a better hold of the items and can also make the passing of the joint convenient especially during the common sessions.
  4. Style: Today, roach clips can be made in many styles, which makes it possible to add smocking accessories with its own fascinating kind of personality. Some are an exciting aesthetic complement to any library and can be a lot of fun.
Is a Roach Clip Worth It?

Absolutely! All in all, one can see that the benefits that come with the usage of a roach clip are well worth the minimal amount of money that is spent on acquiring this piece of equipment. It is small in size, easy to carry around, and is a perfect addition to any of your smoking sessions. Roach clip is also very useful when someone is smoking alone or with friends; it helps you get the maximum value of your joint or blunt while protecting your fingers from burns.

Recommended Roach Clips from Global Glass Pipes

Roach clips, which are sold at Global Glass Pipes, are intended to combine functionality with style for every smoker. Here are a few of our top picks:

  1. Multi Colored Roach Clip: This colored and very interesting clip is not only effective but also brings a rather exotic color to your smoking. It is ideal for the people who like to add a little spark to their attire through their accessories.
  2. Multi Roach Clip Glass Dice: The Glass Dice Roach Clip is creative and fun and perfect if you want something different from accessories. Because of the different look, people will find it interesting to talk about and be proud to collect or display.
  3. Soccer Ball Roach Clip: For the people interested in sports, we have Soccer Ball Roach Clip that looks like a soccer ball is used in it. I bet it’s the best gift any soccer fanatic would be more than willing to receive a puffing stick.
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As for Global Glass Pipes company, our main goal is to offer you only the extraordinary smokers’ accessories to make your experience remarkable. You can browse this website to find the appropriate roach clip or any other accessory necessary for enhancing your smoking sessions. Happy smoking!