Windproof Neon Pink Zippo
Windproof Neon Pink Zippo

Windproof Neon Pink Zippo

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Part Number: GPP-266
Lifetime warranty
This lighter is windproof
Made from materials of the highest quality
Built for performance and durability
Solid and Sturdy Metal outer case
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Windproof Neon Pink Zippo

Windproof Neon Pink Zippo the only name in the Flame, These Zippos are categorized as windproof lighters and can stay illuminated in almost any wind situation. This Pink Neon Zippo is excellent for engraving and personalized with computer engraving equipment or by hand engraving. The vivid colors of this fantastic Pink Zippo are enameled with a lustrous semi-gloss finish that provides a smooth and delicate texture to the lighter. That does not allow a facile display of fingerprints scratches. Every windproof Pink Neon Zippo lighter has a Bottom stamp that indicates the year it was manufactured, is refillable, and is backed by the famous lifetime guarantee from Zippo. 

This perfect neon Pink Zippo does not reveal any fingerprints placed on it neither it scratches easily. These ideal Zippo lighters are backed up by a Zippo lifetime guarantee-It works, or we're free to repair it. When returned to our manufacturer, every Zippo pocket lighter will be put in a top-quality mechanical condition without any charges since we have yet to charge money for fixing a Zippo pocket lighter, regardless of age or condition. The ending, however, is not pledged. This Pink Neon Zippo lighter is sure to stand out when done using the color imaging technique. This is Packed in a gift package and is Loaded up with Zippo lighter fuel for optimum efficiency. 

How to use this Neon Pink Zippo? Are you worried? No need to worry as it is straightforward to use! This superb Neon Pink Zippo consists of an outer case with a shiny, semi-gloss finish that gives this lighter a smooth texture. It is manufactured with the ideal material. Therefore, it does not reveal any scratches or fingerprints quickly. It consists of a Hinge; These neon lighters are authenticated as genuine Zippo by a distinctive five-barrel lasered hinge. It consists of an Insert that is a Standard indoor unit with 16 holes in the fireplace (8 per side). It consists of a Bottom Stamp, and these neon lighters are authenticated as original Zippo by a distinctive lasered Bottom stamp.

  1. Remove the inner unit of this neon Pink Zippo from the box.
  2. Turn it over, lift the felt pad and disclose the fuel chamber packing material.
  3. Insert the inner unit into the case, ensure that the lighter and your hands wipe an excess fluid before the lights are ignited. 
  4. Simply wipe off the lighter with fuel, or wait for it to evaporate for a short time. Before igniting, make sure that the power is closed and there is no waste fuel in the vicinity.
  5. Strike the flint wheel with your thumb in a downward movement to make a spark. Repeat if there is no flame.
  6. Once you've finished using a flame, close your lid extinct. This lighter doesn't extinguish itself, so you have to complete the deck.

These Neon Pink Zippos are known as windproof lighters, and in almost every wind situation, they can remain bright. This Pink Neon Zippo Lighter is Refillable for a lifetime; genuine Zippo fluid, flints, and wicks are recommended for optimal performance. This Pink Neon Zippo Lighter is Great as a present, birthdays and thanks to you, or the enthusiast outdoors and, of course, collector for that special occasion.